nCourt: Payment Processing Simplified

Tony Clancy, CEO
It was a bright first day of spring when Justin decided to walk down to the local creek for fishing. Little did he know his plans for fishing would turn into jeopardy for not having a fishing license when the state’s game and fishing department on routine patrol cited him a ticket for $280. Given that Justin is a law-abiding citizen, he wants to get that obligation paid. This is where the challenge arises. While most jurisdictions have diverse agencies writing tickets to the public, the tickets are entered into the various systems at different time frames, and the process could take a couple of weeks. For citizens like Justin, it could mean an inconvenient waiting experience, followed by multiple calls, or a reluctant visit to the courthouse. This is one of many challenges that nCourt set out to change.

nCourt has developed a civic engagement and payments platform that integrates and simplifies multiple payment channels such as web, mobile, counter, bilingual IVR or agent assisted call center, and retail store locations. “We seamlessly integrate with case management software (CMS) and other backoffice systems, with our platform placed on top of multiple applications on the client’s technology stack,” explains Tony Clancy, nCourt’s CEO. “If Justin had used our solution, he would key-in his citation number at the court’s payment site, we then send an outbound notification to him via text or email, providing him the link to make the payment right away,” he adds. This is the example of nCourt’s “ticket in the system” process with real-time data transmission. This capability enables agencies to be paid faster and easier by individuals—which in the judicial system is crucial for ensuring timely case closures.

The company offers specialized custom solutions for citations, bonds, fines, and fees, parking tickets, to taxes, licenses, registration, certification and much more for courts and government agencies. However, what makes nCourt second to none is its ability to provide an innovative payment platform that streamlines data across multiple workflows, departments and jurisdictions. “We act as an interface to the public, to provide safe transmission, secure data, and faster payments with great user experience,” commented Clancy. By delivering flexible payment options, nCourts’ clients have the means to optimize and automate processes with their CMS, making work-life easier for staff and removing payment barriers for the public.

We seamlessly integrate with case management software (CMS) and other backoffice systems, with our platform placed on top of multiple applications on the client’s technology stack

nCourt’s value-added services help drive operational and cash flow efficiencies. For instance, one of their customers integrated to nCourt’s platform with their new court case management system to address the enormous amounts of manual labor and time to manage the billing and collection process. Post-integration resulted in a 95 percent reduction of onsite foot-traffic for payments; including a $9M jump in annual revenue compared to $4M the previous year. “The customers are satisfied with access to better alternative payments; the staff is relieved with the reduced workload, enabling them to concentrate on top priorities and finally, the client is happy not only because the public and staff are happy, but also because of delivering high-performance results,” states Clancy.

At the core, nCourt differentiates from the competition with its highly configurable cloud-based reporting and reconciliation tools. The reporting module comes with feature-rich functions that provide detailed transaction visibility and eliminates complex and time-consuming tasks for accounting and audits. Along with enhanced administrative features for added security, and robust analytics to slice and dice data for exporting—based on key criteria and usage.

With more than 50-plus integration partners for major CMS or ERP solutions, nCourt is thoroughly equipped to accommodate the unique payment requirements within the public sector. Most important to the company is the driving vision to empower government entities of all sizes, to engage more efficiently and effectively with the public through integrated, secure and easy payment solutions.


Metro Atlanta, GA

Tony Clancy, CEO

nCourt connects diverse government entities and the public by providing integrated civic engagement and payment solutions to facilitate easy, secure, and efficient interactions