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Merrell Sheehan, VP, Marketing
Today, the payments processing technology trends are evolving at an unprecedented pace. To that end, merchants need a robust payment processing system that can stand the test of time. Although the market is flooded with many companies offering Point-of-Sale (POS) and payment processing solutions, finding one that fits the requirements and budget of both small and large merchants is a rarity. At the cutting-edge of innovation, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) has successfully economized intelligent payments processing solutions that allow SMB merchants with limited resources to remain competitive. “Our solutions and pricing strategies allow SMB merchants to manage their business better and grow quicker than ever before,” says Dan Neistadt, President and CEO, EMS.

As mobile payments take precedence in the market, EMS offers a secure mobile-based credit card processing solution, EMS Mobile, comprising a unique hardware system that allows merchants to use their mobile phones to securely accept credit/debit card payments. For businesses needing more robust payment solutions, the firm has introduced a state-of-the-art mobile POS system, MaxxPay®. “Available in three different form factors, MaxxPay® POS system allows clients to manage all aspects of their business in one system through cloud-based technology,” says Merrell Sheehan, Vice President of Marketing at EMS.

With EMS, merchants can delight their customers with the best payment experience by offering them features such as NFC for transactions. EMS’s new NFC/EMV terminals provide retailers with an option to allow for payments flexibly. Customers have to just hold their mobile devices close to the payment terminal near the cash register and then use touch ID on their mobile device to complete the transaction. Besides accepting payments via debit/credit cards, EMS’ countertop POS terminals support checks, gifts, and loyalty cards, and digital wallet platforms including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. EMS also offers many programs that include gift cards and app-based loyalty reward, giving businesses the power to compete aggressively with their big-box competitors (both online and offline.)
Dan Neistadt, President & CEO
“We realize that our customers’ success is also our success, so EMS’ product offerings also include solutions that drive foot traffic, customer loyalty, and online sales, says Neistadt. “We provide physical gift cards that are a simple, effective way to increase sales, as well as customized mobile loyalty solutions that leverage geo-location, push messaging and social media. Since payments are just part of the eCommerce infrastructure, we provide plugin payment options for existing online stores as well as a turnkey eCommerce solution.”

“The SMB CEO just wants payments to work, and we address that by investing heavily in our corporate support center in Cleveland, Ohio, says Sheehan. We have a well-trained staff that is available by phone, email or live chat 24/7/365, and they don’t just troubleshoot hardware and software, they will take the time to educate our clients on how payments work, fraud prevention, and best practices for their industry. We must be doing things right since we currently have 800+ customer Google Reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Google.”

Our solutions allow SMB merchants to manage their business better and grow quicker than ever before

Being on the forefront of POS disruption, EMS has already made a mark in the payments processing landscape. Going forward, the firm plans to expand its footprint across the U.S. Emphasizing on the company’s strategic vision, Neistadt concludes, “We are constantly innovating and updating our solutions to eliminate the hassles in the payments ecosystem.”

Electronic Merchant Systems

Cleveland, OH

Merrell Sheehan, VP, Marketing and Dan Neistadt, President & CEO

Electronic Merchant Systems is one of the leading providers of merchant services. EMS works for varied industry verticals like retail, internet and start-up businesses as they provide an innovative suite of business solutions and high-quality service. EMS dedicatedly provides all merchants with reliable payment processing that is secure, simple to use, yet has high functionality. With EMS, merchants can spend more time investing in their business than worrying about payment solutions or training their employees on how to use the credit processing devices

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