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Dan King, CEO
Declined card transactions, double or pending charges and connectivity issues during payments have been a constant hurdle in the path of providing a satisfactory consumer experience for both large businesses and small merchants alike. The irony is that the recent advancements have already addressed these issues in payment gateway technologies.

But, with businesses still utilizing legacy systems with poor integrations, or ones that do not support different types of transactions, cashiers and consumers alike face infuriating situations while processing payments. Thus, there was an urgent need for a helping hand that could provide more robust, easier to implement, and convenient payment integration solutions to businesses. Lending this hand is New West Technologies, a company adept at providing regulatory compliant solutions capable of supporting numerous transaction types such as EMV (Credit/Debit), NFC, Magnetic, and many more promptly. The company also delivers a multitude of payment connector solutions to its extensive chain of partners implementing their systems for the clients.

“A mainstay in the payment solutions space since 2004, New West Technologies provides secure and reliable solutions that integrate into different point-of-sale (POS) platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Retail Management Hero (RMH), and Dynamics RMS,” says Dan King, the CEO of the company. In its bid to make payments more streamlined, the company also offers mobile devices that can be operated via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi such as Ingenico iSC250. CPay, the company’s innovative solution for the Global Payments Integrated Genius platform, offers enhanced security features and point-to-point encryption, all the while supporting multiple payment methods to improve the consumer experience. Likewise, the company’s Worldpay WPay triPOS integration provides state-of-the-art features such as pre-dip and tap for faster checkouts and real-time reversals without compensating security. What is more, the company’s latest integration solution for RMH, International Bancard IBPay makes payment acceptance easier for this POS platform while also facilitating more secure operations. “We back up every integration to facilitate seamless transactions in case there are technical or connectivity issues,” affirms the CEO. The system records the transaction when a customer initiates the payment and then automatically authorizes it once the technical issue is resolved.

What enables New West to deliver such a wide range of robust offerings is its tried and tested approach towards identifying the right fit of merchant services such as Fiserv, PayPal, and the like, based on the nature of the client’s business, goals, and future roadmap.

A mainstay in the payment solutions space since 2004, New West Technologies provides secure and reliable solutions that integrate into different point-of-sale (POS) platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Retail Management Hero (RMH), and Dynamics RMS

Once these details are ironed out, the company’s engineering crew initiates the integration process and ensures that the entire system is working as intended. The team performs internal testing and sample transactions before going live to eliminate glitches and technical snags. Furthermore, to ensure that integrations are implemented without any hiccups, New West maintains a transparent platform within its organization for solving logistical and setup issues that the engineering crew may face.

A collaboration with a global leader in the leisure travel industry highlights New West’s prowess in providing innovative and robust payments solutions. To drive electronic mode of payments, the client required a solution that would enable secure card payments without capturing sensitive cardholder data. New West developed a digital payments platform which enabled the client’s account receivable (AR) personnel to send across a secure link to the consumer, who would then receive a token for a one-time payment without providing any sensitive data. To further enhance the consumer experience and establish trust, New West improved the solution by providing functionality that would remove manual edits to the payment tokens. Similarly, it created a custom button that would enable the consumers to update their email address in case the address does not match with the profile.

Building on such successes, the company is aspiring to add new functionalities, new devices and also reduce the installation time of their integrations. It is also looking forward to developing solutions that engage with consumers more via forms and loyalty programs. With these plans in place, New West is looking to maintain its upward trajectory and the strong foothold it has in the payment space.

New West Technologies

Portland, OR

Dan King, CEO

New West Technologies provides point of sale and mobility solutions for retailers, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, Commerce, Finance & Operations, Retail Management Hero (RMH) Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), and Modern Suite software solutions, as well as payment integrations and networking infrastructure solutions. Partnering with many of the industry’s leading software providers, distributors, and VARs the company ensures that the systems it designs and supports will serve its customers’ needs for the long term. New West develops solutions that are flexible, user-friendly, and make use of the latest in hardware, wireless, cloud-based, mobile, and network technology solutions

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